Amazement in Almost, Maine: Another Outstanding Performance by the Blakefield Players

“Almost, Maine suggests a journey that has to take a pause before being completed, a journey with a healthy dose of suspense.”
– Nick Boettcher ’22 and Mrs. Elizabeth Wise, Playbill from performance

In October, the Loyola Blakefield Players presented their rendition of Almost, Maine, by playwright John Cariani. This was the Players’ first production back in the Creaghan Performing Arts Center after almost a year. Their last production, The Fantasticks, was performed outside in the Hollow due to COVID restrictions. Mr. Chiapetta, director of the Blakefield Players, expressed his excitement towards returning to the stage. Before the performance began, he also thanked those who supported the group throughout the pandemic.

Almost, Maine takes place in a small town in Maine literally named “Almost.” The play shifts focus from one character to the other with scene changes rather than focusing only on one. Despite the non-linear plot, all of the characters share the same goal; finding love in the small town. The play follows each group of characters as they encounter supernatural events, such as looking for pieces of a broken heart in a bag or a finding lost shoe falling from the sky.

What these scenes and the performance overall symbolizes is complex. The play shows how hard finding love can be. Other emotions, like sadness, anger, and selfishness, can get in the way. However, the strange occurrences the characters experience in Almost bring attention to their flaws in themselves and others. Almost, Maine’s primary message is that in order to find love, people need to go on a journey to find and set aside imperfections in both themselves and others.

The Blakefield Players did an incredible job in displaying these emotions and imperfections in their characters. They spent a large portion of their time and effort rehearsing, and it was clearly shown on stage—even though their stage was under construction until the day before the first performance. The relationships they exhibited towards each other’s characters were both emotional and entertaining, which would not have been possible without the performance’s excellent production staff. They made the scenes feel more atmospheric and provided smooth transitions between each scene. Overall, everyone involved in this production of Almost, Maine worked together efficiently to make a truly fun and memorable performance.

But the show does not stop here. The group is currently rehearsing for their winter musical, 1776, which will debut in March 2022. We congratulate and wish the Loyola Blakefield Players the best of luck in their upcoming performances.


View more photos from The Blakefield Players’ performance of Almost, Maine here.

Lucas Mercado '22

Lucas is currently a senior at Loyola Blakefield.