The Business Club Invites You

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge of business, economics, and investing, while having lots of fun collaborating with other like-minded individuals?

Then the Loyola Business Club is just for you! The Business Club meets every Thursday and is headed by Thomas McNulty ’22 and Farrell Gregory ’22. It is a student-driven group aimed at providing opportunities for students at all grade levels to learn about different aspects of business. There is an opportunity every week for students to share relevant news and topics they find intriguing relating to business and economics in general.

Throughout the school year, students in the club have access to an investment simulation, where they are given $100,000 of in-game currency to invest any way they please. The students are ranked by who makes the most money. This provides students a way to apply the skills and investment strategies they learn from the club through the school year. Along with the investment simulation, the club regularly invites alumni and other guest speakers to share their experiences on a wide range of topics.

Henry Weetenkamp '23

Henry is currently a junior at Loyola Blakefield.