Club Spotlight: Dons-for-Dons Peer Tutoring

Last year, four members from the Class of 2022 founded Dons-for-Dons Peer Tutoring, a club that provides students an opportunity to collaborate with peers and improve their academic skills. Caden Heiser-Cerrato ’22, Josh Zacharia ’22, William Brandenburg ’22, and David Adebogun ’22 created the club with the intent of building bridges between older and younger Dons, hoping to forge academic bonds as well as brotherly ones. “We worked to build a process that would streamline and destigmatize tutoring,” said Heiser-Cerrato.

Loyola’s Academic Support Coordinator, Ms. Misha Holmes, moderates the club. “Dons-for-Dons is comprised of both seniors and juniors who are dedicated to making a difference at Loyola by offering tutoring to their fellow peers,” said Ms. Holmes. “It has been my pleasure to be in collaboration with such brilliant and accomplished young men.”

For some of Loyola’s busy upperclassmen, finding service opportunities is often difficult. Dons-for-Dons enables these juniors and seniors to tutor others and engage with their Loyola community in a constructive way. Some tutors aim to stretch the impact of this organization beyond Blakefield. “It is the goal of past and current co-presidents to continue to facilitate tutoring inside and outside of Loyola Blakefield,” said Heiser-Cerrato. “Recently, we have connected with the Safe Alternative Foundation for Education.” The SAFE Center, founded by Loyola Blakefield alumnus Van Brooks ’06, aims to provide underprivileged youth in Baltimore City with additional educational opportunities. This partnership allows members of Dons-for-Dons Peer Tutoring to give back to individuals outside of the Loyola community and fulfill their commitment as men for others.

Current co-presidents of the club include Patrick Eskildsen ’23, Anshul Chelapurath ’23, Jack Kepner ’23, and Andrew Hill ’23. The club meets every Monday through Thursday from 3:15 – 4:00 p.m. in the Academic Learning Commons in Burk Hall. SAFE Center tutoring meets every other Wednesday with student coordinator Ben Sage ’23 and Director of Ignatian Service Mrs. Beth Ann Szczepaniak.

Joseph Balto '23

Joseph Balto is currently a junior at Loyola Blakefield.